Combining face-to-face and Social Media Marketing.

Immediate and tangible results to increase your brand awareness. Maximising your marketing budget to its full potential, giving outstanding results every time.

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" Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I might remember,
involve me and I'll understand." - Benjamin Franklin

We have developed an extremely powerful social media tool that gives fantastic results every time.

We work on behalf of brands driving large amounts of traffic towards their social media avenues and we do it quickly.

We analyse social conversions for you to provide a monetary value for each converted visitor.

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Like My Foto have exceeded my expectations throughout the 2012 eBay project. Like My Foto created an app that integrates directly to social media and is fully measurable, allowing eBay to tangibly evaluate who and where our fans are sharing media. I look forward to developing our relationship with Like My Foto with our new projects Sam Moqbel, Generate Sponsorship

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