1. Have your picture taken.

Participants at your event will be incentivised to have their photo taken using our very powerful social media software.

The incentive for the participants to have their photo taken could be promotional gifts or just simply entering a 'competiton'. As all of our pictures are automatically watermarked with our clients logo/trademark, this platform can work in any situation.

The software is extremely simple to use, instantly sending emails/sms to the participants containing a unique code so they can immediately share their branded photo online.

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2. Get a code to find it online.

Once the photo has been taken each participant is automatically sent a personal client branded email/sms containing their unique code. This will include instructions on how each participant can share their photo.

Ebay login to find pictures
Ebay login to find pictures

3. Redeem your picture.

We will create a client branded micro site for participants to enter their unique code so they can redeem their photo.

Once they have entered their code they will have access to their photo on the client branded micro site that we create for you. This is the landing page for when the participant starts to acts as a Brand Ambassador for your brand.

The participant will be driving large amounts of traffic to this page, giving a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand, latest offers or even forthcoming product launches. This page will bespoke for each client depending on what they are looking to achieve.

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